What Men Can Do to Increase Their Fertility

It is often thought that when a couple is having difficulty conceiving, the stress largely falls on the woman in the relationship, but this is simply not true.  Studies have shown that men also suffer from low self-esteem, perception of stigma, and depression when they are experiencing infertility issues.  If you are the male half of a couple having difficulty getting pregnant, there are some things you can do to increase your chances.

laptop on mans lap

  • Keep your sperm at body temperature.  A surprising culprit in overheating sperm is the laptop.  Studies have shown holding a laptop computer on your lap for too long raises you scrotal temperature.  Additionally, as most already know, doctors say that men trying to conceive should stay away from soaking in hot water as research has that it decreases men’s fertility.
  • Stop smoking.  It is strongly recommended that you quit smoking prior to trying to conceive.  Smoking reduces sperm count in men and can actually damage the DNA they are passing on.  Furthermore, exposing your partner to secondhand smoke once she becomes pregnant increases her risk of miscarriage.
  • It’s OK to have sex frequently.  It is a myth that you can increase your chances of pregnancy by “saving up” your sperm for one big session.  Your sperm count could go up after one week of not having sex, but the motility of the sperm will go down.  Doctors say not having sex for more than 5 days adversely impacts the sperm count in most men.  While having sex daily produces the highest pregnancy rate, intercourse that frequent could be stressful on both parties.  Research has found that having sex every other day produces results nearly as good.
  • Wash your fruit and vegetables thoroughly.  Any exposure to pesticide, especially agricultural pesticide, can impact your fertility.

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