What Women Want

photo courtesy of joshfults.com

photo courtesy of joshfults.com

Men may often find themselves asking what it is that women really want.  This is such a common topic that it was the subject of a 2000 comedy film in which Mel Gibson obtained the ability to hear what women were thinking.  But men, please know that you do not need to develop telepathic abilities to keep your wife or girlfriend happy. Fundamentally, women want the same things you do.

1)      Respect.  Women want to know that you respect their choices in life, including their careers, interests, friends, and yes, even wardrobe selections.  When you do disagree with a choice, do so with honesty tempered by fairness, kindness, and consideration of feelings.

2)      Time. Women value the time you spend together, as well as the time you invest in your relationship.  Modern couples often lead a hectic lifestyle, so taking a moment to put the dishes away or otherwise make a woman’s life easier will be greatly appreciated.

3)      Romance.  Women do understand that not every night you spend together will be as fun and exciting as when you first started to date, but at the same time, enjoy it when you don’t give up trying to add something special to your nights together.  So continue to open doors for her, buy her flowers for no reason, and light the candles on your dinner table every so often.

4)       Engagement.  Here, we don’t necessarily mean putting a ring on it, although that is usually appreciated.  Rather, we are referring to being fully mentally present when the two of you are together.  Essentially, when a woman is talking, she wants to know you are both listening and interested in what she has to say.

5)      Communication.  Not only do women want you to hear and understand them, they want to hear and understand you as well.  Don’t be afraid to share the details of your day, no matter how boring you think they are, as this type of sharing deepens intimacy.


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