Simple Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong

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A strong and long-lasting relationship is a goal for many.  However, keeping your relationship on solid ground does not simply just happen.  Relationships need care and maintenance to sustain themselves.  Below are some items you should keep in mind on a daily basis to nurture your relationship with your partner.

  • You’ve heard people say that the best romantic relationships have a foundation in friendship, and it is absolutely true.  A good friendship contains all of the ingredients that form the basis for true intimacy- trust, vulnerability, and confidence that you will see each other through difficult times.  Speaking of difficult times, remember that it is normal for any relationship to have ups and downs, and an ongoing commitment to work through them is what will keep you together.
  • When you do fight, fight fair.  A commonly asked question in the couples counseling world is, “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?” When you argue, it should be about resolving the issue, and not about who “wins.”  Be sure to always speak to your partner with love and respect.  Do not approach an issue in an accusatory manner or dredge up old arguments.  Really listen to your partner and try to see things from their point of view.
  • While it is important to do your own thing, understand togetherness is crucial as well.  Maintain a balance that will provide you with a base of shared experiences while keeping the individuality that made you attractive to each other in the first place.
  • Maintain your physical intimacy.  Another phrase often heard in couples counseling is, “Sex is 10% of a good relationship, but 90% of a bad one.”  Sex is something special that only the two of you can share, and it is critical to maintaining your emotional connection.

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