Myths about Natural Family Planning (Part 2)

myths about natural family planning“Natural Family Planning” is an umbrella term which encompasses natural forms of fertility management based on scientific research about women’s fertility cycles.  This includes the Basal Body Temperature, Ovulation, and Sympto-Thermal Methods, as well as the more technologically advanced Lady-Comp personal fertility computer.  Unfortunately, there are many pervasive myths about natural family planning that prevent some couples from trying it.  We will dispel some of those myths below.

Myth: Natural Family Planning only works for women with regular menstrual cycles.  The truth is that natural family planning can work with menstrual cycles of varying length and regularity.  Natural family planning methods help a woman to recognize and understand the physical signals her body gives off to indicate when she is most likely to become pregnant, and make decisions accordingly.

Myth: Natural Family Planning is not reliable.  In reality, when couples understand the ins and outs of the method they choose and follow them correctly, natural family planning can be very successful. Overall, it is 97-99% effective for those who follow the rules perfectly, and 85-98% effective for those who use it imperfectly.  Lady-Comp has been scientifically proven to be 99.3% accurate with proper use.

Myth: There is no difference between Natural Family Planning and hormonal forms of contraception.  The reality is that natural family planning methods are designed to work with a woman’s body, as opposed to hormonal contraception, which works to suppress fertility.  Unlike hormonal contraceptives, natural family planning methods have no harmful side effects to the body.

Myth: Natural family planning is only for religious couples.  In actuality, natural family planning methods are ideal for any committed couple who is interested in the freedom to be gained from selecting a birth control method free of hormones and barriers.  With both partners being fully aware of the women’s cycle, it fosters cooperation and responsibility within the relationship, bringing you closer together.


Be sure to check out the last part of the Natural Family Planning Series next week.

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