Irregular Cycles are not so irregular

Largely to simplify the explanation of the process, a standard menstrual cycle is considered to be 28 days in length. The breakdown is as follows:

  • The first day of bleeding is day 1.
  • During days 1-14, known as the follicular phase, your follicles ripen as your estrogen rises. One follicle becomes dominant and produces an egg.
  • During days 14-28, known as the luteal phase, your estrogen levels drop as your progesterone levels rise.  Around day 14, in the process of ovulation, the egg is released from the follicle and travels through the fallopian tube on its way to the uterus to be fertilized.
  • Women are fertile for about 24-48 hours around the time they ovulate.  If the egg is not fertilized, menstruation occurs, and the cycle repeats.

period irregularNow, if everyone’s cycle worked exactly like this, it would be relatively easy to guess your fertile days.  However, this is not the case.  A woman’s menstrual cycle is completely unique to the individual.  It can range from 24-37 days and still be considered normal if that is what is normal for you.  Additionally, your cycle length can naturally vary throughout your life; just because it is 28 days now does not mean it will always be that way.

If you have widely irregular periods, it is important to see your doctor.  It is possible to cause your body to have irregular periods completely inadvertently through poor nutrition, over-exercising, smoking, and excessive alcohol and/or caffeine intake.  Your cycle can be impacted by excess stress and certain medications as well.  A physician can help you explore these possibilities as well as potential medical causes such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or uterine abnormalities.

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