How Does My Life Affect My Lady-Comp?

ovulation-monitorLife happens – often unexpectedly. But, an interruption in your normal life does not necessarily mean your Lady-Comp is interrupted. That’s one of the many great things about Lady-Comp. It adjusts to you personally and easily fits into your lifestyle. Check out the info below for answers to questions many women have about the reliability of Lady-Comp under unexpected circumstances.

How Do I Handle Air Travel and Privacy?

You can choose to include Lady-Comp in your checked luggage or place it in your carry-on. Either way, you’ll have no problem getting through security procedures. So, the fact that you have Lady-Comp remains private.

What If I Travel to Another Time Zone?

It’s very easy to travel with Lady-Comp. You can easily reset the clock to match your new time zone, so your normal monitoring routine is not disturbed.

What If I Can’t Sleep or I Drink More Than Usual?

Lady-Comp is affected by lack of sleep or drinking alcohol. However, it doesn’t render your indicator unreliable. Your monitor will actually recognize and ignore the instance as an exception, or it will show a yellow or red light the next day as a precaution. So, a night of unexpected insomnia or drinking won’t cause a problem.

What If I’m Sick?

When you are sick, you might have a fever or increased body temperature. Your Lady-Comp will recognize this as abnormal and display an “F” with a yellow indication. When you are well again, you can resume taking your temperature with Lady-Comp as normal.

Lady-Comp adapts incredibly well to the unique lives of women. Your daily plans may change, but your long-term plans to have a baby – or your plans to prevent pregnancy – don’t have to!

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