Date Night At Home

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We all know how important quality alone time with your partner is for keeping the spark alive.  However, putting it into practice can be difficult.  Your careers, children, and other responsibilities and obligations can often get in the way of your ability to just go out to dinner and spend some time together.  However, you shouldn’t despair when you can’t get away.  Instead, try these ideas for date night at home after your children have gone to bed.

  • Whether your favorite thing to drink together is wine, beer, whiskey, or vodka, it is possible to set up a fun tasting event.  Try a vertical tasting, where you purchase several bottles of the same product made in different years, or a horizontal tasting, in which you buy bottles of something made in the same year by different producers.  With a quick internet search, you can also find food pairings to go with your beverages of choice.
  • Pick out a recipe you have both been wanting to try and make it together.
  • Load up on your favorite snacks, then snuggle up on the couch for a movie marathon or to binge watch several episodes of a television series you’ve been meaning to catch up on together.
  • Return to your youth with a good old-fashioned game night. Break out your old board games or just play War with a deck of cards.
  • Pick a theme for the evening and run with it.  Perhaps it’s a night where you order Chinese Food and watch Kung Fu movies, or drink wine while you watch documentaries about vineyards.
  • Put on your favorite music and have a dance party.
  • Take a bath together by candlelight.
  • Take out your wedding or vacation albums and look through them together, reminiscing about the wonderful experiences you’ve had as a couple.

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